High Flight Game Birds Video
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Bobwhite Quail

When we started raising Quail, my goal was to have the most natural acting birds

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Ring-necked Pheasant

Our Ring-necked Pheasants are raised open flight pens open to the weather. Raising 20,000 mature

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Chukar Partridge

Our Chukar are fast flushing, strong flying birds that add to the upland hunting experience

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Early Release

How to get birds from our early release program

If you want to have a successful Early Release program, you must start off with good genetics in a Bobwhite Quail. We searched for several years until we found one that met our expectations. Our birds have a great callback instinct and will flush hard when they are spooked by predators, flying a great distance to escape danger. Quail only survive in social groups of 6-25 birds called a covey

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